Will Garage Door Replacement Improve Home Value?

Do you want to improve the attractiveness of your home? Whether you move in the near future or just want a more attractive exterior of the house, improving the appeal of your home is as easy as replacing your garage door updates!

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While items such as the front door, the shutters, and the roof are important factors to help boost the appeal of your home, do not overlook the garage door updates. Updating your door, or replacing your old door if necessary, is an excellent way to improve the attractiveness and value of your home. According to the report Cost vs. 2017 value of Remodeling magazine, in the region that includes Ohio, the improvement of your garage door updates is a very practical home improvement project for the return on investment, which allows you to recover almost 70%!

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Garage Door Updates

There are many different ways in which you can update your garage door updates to make your home “uncover” and create a more attractive exterior. To consider:

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  • Changing the color of the door
  • Change the material on the door
  • Add windows to the door
  • Add decorative hardware to door handles, hinges, etc.

It does not have to be super elegant and make many changes. Changing only the color or adding windows and a decorative handle can help!

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Other Benefits of Garage Door Upgrades or Replacement

Updating or replacing your garage door updates offers more advantages than simply improving the attractiveness and value of your home. An update or replacement (depending on what you do) can help:

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  1. Reduced Maintenance Time: certain types of doors require less maintenance than others. Upgrading to a steel door from a wooden door, for example, could reduce maintenance and attention. Choosing a garage door updates that do not need to be painted can also help.
  2. Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs: upgrading to an isolated garage door does not affect the appeal of your home but can help you reduce your energy bills. This is particularly important if you have a living space above the garage.
  3. Protect the Contents Inside: if you use your garage as a studio or another workspace, obtaining an isolated door can make a big difference. You can better protect the contents of your garage against heat and cold.

Garage Door Replacement Services in Cincinnati

No matter what kind of updates you want to make at your door, talk to one of our experts. We can help you choose the right garage door updates for your home. Contact Overhead Door Co. of Greater Cincinnati to find out why families throughout southwest Ohio rely on us for their garage door updates or replacement needs.

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