What Type of Garage Door Opener Should I Buy?

It’s a common question when buying a new garage door opener, “What garage door opener should I get for my garage door?”

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So your opener needs to be replaced? Maybe you’re wanting something calmer, softer and more reliable. Garage door openers usually last a long time depending on the type you get. Depending on the model, a garage door opener can last up to 10 years or more, so it is important to obtain one that is suitable for you and that fits the type of garage door opener you have. Even if you have a previous opener that works well, it may not have all the safety features that are offered in the newer models, so it’s a good idea to consider buying a new one. Wherever you are in the decision-making process, we are here to help you. We hope this article will help you decide what type of garage door opener you should buy.

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Let’s Start With the Education of Garage Door Openers!

There are two main components of the opener that we will focus on in this article, the type of unit and the type of engine. The type of unit is simply the way your garage door moves along the fence when it opens and closes. The guide is the long rail that is connected to the center of your door that connects to your opener. Inside this guide, there is a screw, chain or belt that moves the car along the guide to open and close the door. So, before delving into the types of units that are offered, let’s first talk about the engine.

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Types of Garage Door Opener Motor

There are two types of motors for the garage, CC and AC door openers. Automatic garage door openers have become the standard in the garage door industry and there is a reason why.

AC motors tend to be louder, larger and heavier, as they require more components. For many years, openers were designed to use AC power, but with technological advances in the garage door industry, manufacturers found a way to make openers quieter, smaller and more powerful.

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DC Powered Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers powered by a DC motor are quieter and lighter than traditional AC motors. DC motors also allow more functions in the opener, such as soft start and stop, which reduces wear on the door and motor. Many DC motors even offer a battery backup option to turn on your opener when the power is cut off.

Garage door openers with a DC motor offer the highest power and are the softest running motors in the industry. All Overhead Door garage door openers come with a DC motor option, which helps our line of openers to be one of the quietest, most durable and safest in the industry.

What is The Difference Between Chain, Belt, and Screw Drive Openers?

Now that we have established that all our openers work with a DC motor, let’s take a look at the types of units we offer. We offer three types of a drive for garage door openers; chain drive, belt drive, and screwdriver. Here we will discuss what each type of unit is and the difference between the three.

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What is a Garage Door Opener With Chain Drive?

A garage door opener with chain drive uses a chain to open and close the door. It is suitable for most garage doors. Chain transmission has been around for many years and will last a long time with routine maintenance. Chain openers are generally available at a point of opening price.

What is a Garage Door Opener With Belt Drive?

A garage door opener with belt drive is super silent. Our belt drive opener models are some of the quietest garage door openers you can buy. These openers are especially good for garages that are connected to the house. We’ve all heard what a noisy garage door opener sounds like, with a belt drive opener that will experience less sound and vibration when the opener is running.

Belt drive is usually available as an update on a chain.

Points to Ponder In Selecting An Overhead Garage Door

Why is It so Quiet?

The garage door opener with belt drive is silent because it is belt driven, hence the name “belt drive”. The use of a chain in the chain opener and the use of a screw in a screw opener are noisier than the reinforced steel belt that is used in the belt drive opener. The design of the belt opener allows a smoother operation that reduces the overall noise level. The smoother operation means there are no jumps from the door and less vibration. Not only is it quieter, but the rubber strap reinforced with steel is very durable and durable.

Depending on the amount of energy you need and the size of your door, you can buy a garage door opener with belt drive with three different power levels.

What is a Garage Door Opener With a Screw?

Last, but not least, are the garage door openers with a screwdriver. These garage door openers will give you the most power with the fastest operating speeds. If you have a large garage door that is 14 feet tall or one-piece doors that are up to 8 feet high, these are the openers you will want to use. This is because our screw drive openers feature an exclusive direct drive system that transfers more engine power without using a gear reduction system.

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So, What Garage Door Opener is Better for My Garage Door?

The answer is, it depends.

It depends on the size of the door and the key features it values.

Contact a professional to suggest a garage door opener for your type of garage door.

Determine the Weight and Size of Your Garage Door

You must first call your local Red Ribbon distributor to help determine the weight and size of your door. For garage doors that are large and heavy, a more powerful garage door opener will be needed. With a more powerful opener also comes a faster speed.

Another thing that you will need to consider is the size of the rail. Larger rail sizes are available with more powerful openers since a more powerful opener must be paired with a larger door. If your door has a maximum height of 8 feet, then an opener with more power is required.

Here is a list of the classification of our openers based on power and speed.

The Power Rankings (and Speed)

  • Destiny® 1500
  • Odyssey® 1200
  • Destiny® 1200
  • Odyssey® 1000
  • Legacy® 920 and Legacy® 850
  • Legacy® 650

What Garage is The Quietest Opener?

If you want a garage door that is silent, then you’ll want to go with our garage door openers with belt drive. The belt drive openers are notoriously silent due to the steel-reinforced rubber strap that provides extremely smooth operation of the door. Here is a list of garage door opener models that will give you the quietest and quietest operation.

  • Legacy® 650 Belt Drive
  • Destiny® 1200 Belt Drive
  • Legacy® 920 Belt Drive
  • Odyssey® 1000 belt unit
  • Legacy® 850 Belt Drive

Overhead Garage Door

I Need More Light in My Garage, How do I Get a Garage Opener With More Light Bulbs?

Some of our openers offer two bulb sockets and some offer only one. If you want more light in the garage, then you must choose one with two bulb sockets. Here is a list of our garage doors that allow you to add two light bulbs.

  • Destiny® 1500
  • Odyssey® 1200
  • Destiny® 1200
  • Odyssey® 1000
  • Legacy® 920

What Garage Door Openers Have Motion Detection Lighting?

Motion detection lighting in your garage door opener can be useful when entering your garage. In most garage door openers the light comes on when the opener is running and then automatically turns off after a period of time. Have you ever opened the garage door to fetch the mail or take out the trash and then come back and all the lights are off in the garage? When you have a motion-sensing light on your garage door opener, you will not have to worry about finding a light switch in a dark garage. Here is a list of openers that have motion detection lighting as a feature.

  • Destiny® 1500
  • Odyssey® 1200
  • Destiny® 1200

In What Garage are The Door Openers Compatible With HomeLink® and Car2U®?

Homelink® and Car2U® give homeowners the ability to synchronize their car with a garage door opener. All our garage door opener models are compatible with these car systems. Find our step-by-step instructions on programming your HomeLink® or Car2U® for your garage door opener.

garage door opener

In Which Garage Door Openers are Available With Security Features Such as Mobile Codes?

All Overhead Door® openers are included with our CodeDodger® access security system. Our CodeDodger® technology helps keep our garage door openers safe and protected with the use of rolling codes. Each time the remote control is pressed, a new code of 4.3 billion possible combinations is selected.

What garage door openers offer the possibility of opening and closing with my mobile phone or device?

You can use a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android to open any of our garage door openers if you have OHD Anywhere ™ and have downloaded the device application. The really good thing about OHD Anywhere ™ is that it is a remote access control system that is compatible with most residential garage door brands.

OHD Anywhere ™ allows you to open, close and control your garage door from almost any mobile device. When you open the OHD Anywhere ™ application, you can see when someone opens or closes your garage door. Another useful feature is that you can easily open the door for someone when you are not at home, be it a repairman or a babysitter.

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Also, if you arrive at work and do not remember if you closed your garage door or not, all you need to do is open the application and it will show you if your door was left open. In addition, new features have been added such as ‘virtual keys’ that provide temporary, recurrent or permanent access to family, friends or service workers, and rules and notifications based on time to improve the user experience.

What Garage Door Openers Slow Down When Opening and Closing?

The function of a garage door opener that allows your garage door to start slowly, accelerate and then stop smoothly is called “Soft Start – Soft Stop”. This technology is possible thanks to the DC motor in our garage door openers, which allows us to operate our openers with variable speeds. The softer operation with this function also reduces the overall wear of your garage door system. Here is a list of garage door openers that have this feature.

  • Destiny® 1500
  • Odyssey® 1200
  • Destiny® 1200
  • Odyssey® 1000
  • Legacy® 920
  • Legacy® 850


  • HomeLink is a registered trademark of Gentex Corporation.
  • Car2U is a registered trademark of Lear Corporation.

Ready to buy a new garage door opener? Find your local Overhead Door ™ dealer and ask them about the types of garage door openers they offer.

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