You’ll Be Amazed That These 10 Garage Doors Aren’t Actually Made of Wood

You will be surprised that these 10 garage doors are not made of wood

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Who does not like the look of a real wooden garage door alternative? The wood grain texture, rich appearance, and natural feel make wooden garage doors a desired addition to many homes. But a wooden garage door may not be for everyone. Real wood doors can be more expensive than those made with other materials such as steel and fiberglass, and generally, require more maintenance. Owners who want the rich look of a real wooden garage door alternative but without regular maintenance have many options to choose from. Most of our fake wooden garage doors look very realistic, which makes it hard to say that it’s not really made with real wood.

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What is the Best Faux Wooden Garage Door Alternative?

Obtaining a steel or fiberglass garage door alternative to your home will not only enhance your appeal but may increase the value of your home. With a great demand for wooden doors for the consumer, these options of realistically fake wooden doors will make your home stand out from the rest. Another benefit that is often lost by having a steel or fiberglass door with stains and textures of wood grains is less maintenance. The wood needs regular maintenance to keep it in perfect condition. If it is not maintained properly on a regular basis, it tends to change over time due to weather and other factors, which causes discoloration, cracking and deformation. Here are our four best fake wood garage door models to consider:

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Fiberglass Garage Door Alternative

The first three garage door alternative in the alignment are our Overhead Door ™ Impression fiberglass garage doors that use Therma-Tru AccuGrain technology, which gives you the beauty of wood without the maintenance. These garage door alternative are some of the closest to the appearance of real wood. The material of the fiberglass surface can be easily molded, which creates these beautiful designs.

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Painted Synthetic Wood Garage Door Alternative – Courtyard Collection

Maybe you’re looking for a painted wooden door look instead of a stained finish. These next three doors are made of steel and are designed to look like a traditional door of a wooden transport house. Match the setting in your home with the nine standard color options available. Our Courtyard Overhead Door ™ collection has some excellent options for owners looking for garage door alternative that mimics the beauty of real wood.

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A Wooden Grain Door Look That is Also Isolated

If you are a person looking for energy efficiency and want the look of a stained wooden door, a door in our Thermacore® or Carriage House collection could be a perfect choice. Our Thermacore collection has three pre-painted wood grain finishing options available in select models that look amazing: Mission Oak, Golden Oak, and Walnut.

We also have our Carriage House Collection, which has an embossed wood grain texture on the exterior that is offered in eight tinted finishing options as well as painted finishes. Stained color options include Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Green, Gray, Clay, Honduran Mahogany and Red Oak. The Carriage House Collection is another efficient option from the thermal point of view for owners seeking greater energy efficiency.

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