Which LED Bulbs Can I Use in My Garage Door Opener?

LEDs and compact fluorescent bulbs have become very popular among owners because of the energy savings they provide. For electric garage door openers, it is much better to use LED bulbs because they last 25%

Which Garage Door Opener Is Quietest?

It is essential to install a safe, reliable and reliable garage door opener, but the noise level is also an important consideration, especially if you have an attached garage. Learn quiet garage door opener so

What Is an Overhead Door?

A top overhead door is any door that opens upwards that swings or rolls open from ground level, assuming a horizontal position over the entrance when it opens. The overhead door may consist of several

Maintaining and Testing Your Garage Door Opener

Perform routine maintenance once a month. Check the owner’s manual for the garage door maintenance. If you do not have a manual, look for the model number on the back of the door, or check

6 Ways to Accent Your Garage Doors

With arched glass windows, decorative hardware and intricate hardware, architectural accent your garage doors are already works of art in their own right. Still, you could not hang a painting without the perfect frame, right?

What Type of Garage Door Opener Should I Buy?

It’s a common question when buying a new garage door opener, “What garage door opener should I get for my garage door?” So your opener needs to be replaced? Maybe you’re wanting something calmer, softer